A room of my own for personal projects. 

Suburb Scene Sweatshirts
Suburban camouflage, featuring prints from local walks during lockdown in South East London summer 2020.

Random Scan T-Shirts
T-shirt series featuring scans of the domestic fodder of everyday life. 

A jacuzzi for the eyeballs and ear holes.

A collaborative project for performing clothes & textiles, by designers Adele Jeffs & Simon Elvins

The same style of wish pendant purchased from high street jewellery shops, combined to form one necklace. Argos necklace made form sterling silver, PRIMARK necklace made from silver plated nickel. Engraved pendants detail prices of necklaces and materials they are made from.

Pendant Engravings

Image 1: Oval Pendant: Argos Heart Pendant: Primark Dogtag Pendent: Lotis Jewellery 925 Solid Silver Pendants Oval & Dog Tag £21.90 Heart £21.20

Image2: Oval Pendant: 924 Sterling Silver Wish Crystal Pendant £19.99 Heart Pendant: Base Metal Nickel Plated Wish Crystal Pendant £1.50 Dogtag Pendent: 925 Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet £4.72 & Base Metal Nickel Plated Chain